To maximize the therapeutic impact of next generation medicines, Tiba has developed proprietary molecular systems designed for improved nucleic acid delivery.  These delivery systems offer greater payload capacity and support a broad variety of nucleic acid types.  With a focus on simplification, increased scalability of production and the elimination of deleterious material-induced effects, Tiba’s enabling technologies are at the forefront of the nucleic acid field.

Tiba Vaccines

Our early pipeline is focused on vaccines. We have developed a fully synthetic RNA vaccine platform that utilizes our proprietary delivery chemistry. This approach enables cost effective, rapid and adjuvant-free vaccine production for both human and animal health. Tiba’s vaccines are composed of two parts: a large, self-replicating RNA instruction set programmed to train the immune system to target specific pathogens, and a delivery molecule that safely and efficiently transports the instruction set into the cell.

A key innovation enabling the deployment of complex RNAs as a vaccination tool is our delivery system: the modified dendrimer molecule. This is a fully synthetic and thermostable material that delivers the nucleic acid into the patient’s cells upon vaccination. Our large payload capacity can support a variety of RNAs simultaneously, each encoding one or more proteins, to assemble composite antigens and drive immunity against multiple diseases in a single vaccine. This modular system allows us to quickly prototype new vaccines to address emerging or rapidly changing pathogens as well as more efficiently protect against known diseases.